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How to NOT find love when you are a single parent

Mathilde Mironi May 18, 2022 6:13:51 PM
How to not find love as a single parent

Being a single parent implies having a million things to think about and do. It is hard in this mess to find some time for ourselves or to find love. It is not impossible, but that is not the problem. If you really do NOT want to find a new relationship, here is exactly what to do !

Forget about yourself

This first tip is quite easy to follow: if you do not want to find love, stop taking care of yourself. After all there are so many advantages in being a single parent, why change this perfect situation?

The good news is that you will gain a lot of time! No need to dress correctly or even take showers, no more sessions with your hairdresser and no more time admiring yourself in the mirror.

Don’t forget that you are mostly a parent! You are not a man or a woman with desires and needs. And if you do find a new partner, it means that you will be abandoning your child, right?

... But do not forget your ex!

Forget about yourself, but why not think about the other parent of your child as much as possible? Do not turn the page with your ex, think about all the great moments with him/her. Keep daily contact and if possible, stay in love.

If this strategy does not work and you are not able to idealize your last relationship, you can also put your energy into feeling angry about your ex. Think about the past in all its details, and keep talking about it to all of your friends. This will surely help get past your pain.

Refuse to go on dating apps

You think that prince charming will come knocking at your door? You wish that you will find love at first sight in a spontaneous way, in the middle of the street? So, you’re right, there is no need to go on dating apps!

Of course, these apps work quite well now and you could match with someone that corresponds to you. Once the children are asleep, do not waste any time talking online with other single people, you would be wasting your time!

Stay at home

The best way to not meet anyone is by staying at home! In short, put on your old pajamas, the comfortable but awful looking ones, sit down with a blanket to watch a romantic film while eating ice-cream and feeling depressed. You can do this on Saturday nights or even during the whole week-end!

If you do go out, continue seeing your old group of friends, the married ones. And if any single friends at work ask you to go out, be sure to say no, and pretend that you have something better to do tonight.

Finally, do not sign up to a salsa class, a cooking class or any activity where you may meet new people! 

Have too many expectations

Having too many expectations implies being disappointed by others. To be sure not to find anyone that matches, make sure you look for a totally perfect person, that is, somebody that does not exist. 

Of course, the first criteria must be looks! You cannot tolerate to be with somebody who has a small physical default. And for the personality, also look for somebody who has no flaws whatsoever and do not compromise on this!

Go to a date with your children

Despite all of your efforts, you may have met somebody that you like! How awful! Don’t worry, to be sure that it does not work, schedule a date and bring your children! This technique works very well. You will not listen to what people are saying to you, you will be too occupied looking after your children who are spilling their drinks or trying to hide food in their nostrils.

If your date is understanding and still tries to have an exchange with you, just talk about your children, do not address any other subject!

Do not listen to your intuition

Should it be on the internet or in the street, do not listen to your intuition. You feel ill at ease with this woman? Invite her out for a drink anyway! This man seems nice, it’s time to run away! And if you find inconsistencies in a person’s acts, if this person never calls after 6 PM and is never available on week-ends, do not mind about it, after all, you are not there to be happy!

And if you have finally changed your mind and feel like meeting someone, do not follow any of this advice, but try doing the contrary of course!